Pacific Rim Wrestling Podcast

From Seatte to Tokyo and all points throughout history, Fumi Saito and Jim Valley are good friends who share a passion for pro wrestling and its history. Pacific Rim covers current events and puts them into historical and cultural context. We also answer your questions: #AskFumi on Twitter.

Fumi Saito has lived through or witnessed virtually every major wrestling show in the last 35 years. He is the color commentator on the Japanese live stream of WWE RAW and Smackdown Live! His interviews include an incredible variety of talent like Karl Gotch, Lou Thesz, Hulk Hogan, Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Bret Hart, Tanahashi and AJ Styles. In addition, Fumi Saito has written over 20 books and had a very popular weekly magazine column.

Jim Valley is a national award-winning broadcaster and a wrestling fan. His other podcasts include Cauliflower Alley Club Radio, Portland Wrestlecast and Wayback Playback with Pat McNeil.