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Speak Now: NXT 2.0 show review

It’s time to chat WWE NXT 2.0! Tune into Speak Now Pro Wrestling with Denise Salcedo as she recaps the July 19th edition of WWE NXT 2.0.  Topics include: Will Cameron Grimes join The Schism, Cora Jade’s heel turn, the demolishing of the

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Speak Now: NXT 2.0 The Great American Bash recap

Get the week started with on-camera personality Denise Salcedo as she reviews NXT 2.0 The Great American Bash 2022! There was a lot that happened on this show including new Women’s Tag Team Champions, a mystery QR code, rubbing alcohol, and an NXT

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Speak Now: NXT Spring Breakin’ recap

WWE NXT 2.0 Spring Breakin’ is officially in the books. Join on-camera personality Denise Salcedo on her weekly NXT 2.0 post-show. There’s a lot of topics to touch on including the recent NXT releases, pros of NXT 2.0, and so much more. This

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