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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: The first World Champion

We enter 1905 and finally get a true World Heavyweight Champion of professional wrestling on today’s episode of Karl Stern’s longform look at the industry’s history — but not without significant shenanigans. Topics covered on this week’s episode of the DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling show: American

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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling: Marathon leftovers, Q&A

Karl Stern returns to the regular format of questions and answers and begins catching up on questions generated during the July marathon. Questions, corrections, and conversations include: When Tommy Rogers isn’t Tommy Rogers The wonderfully horrible job Sports Illustrated did with their ranking of

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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Marathon: Lance Russell

On the latest edition of the July Classic Wrestling Marathon, Karl Stern takes a look at one of the greatest announcers of all time: legendary Memphis wrestling announcer Lance Russell. Russell was more than just a play-by-play announcer, and was every bit as important a character to

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